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The Bourbon Life

Mar 19, 2021

In this Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast, Matt and Mark spend some time hanging out together in The Bourbon Life studios sharing a few pours and some good stories with one another.

And even though they don’t have another amazing guest this week the guys have some fun talking about some great upcoming Bourbon events and releases, what their biggest dislikes are for tasting notes in a Bourbon, and they even play a little Bourbon Life Bingo.

They also taste and review a Total Wine Store Pick High West American Prairie Bourbon finished in Banyuls barrels, some Widow Jane: The Vaults 15-Year Old Bourbon, and some Old Overholt 114 Rye.

This Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast is sponsored by The Stave Restaurant in Millville, KY and Three Chord Bourbon. Check them out online at and