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The Bourbon Life

Feb 13, 2024

This week on The Whiskey Trip Podcast, Big Chief takes you on a ride to Lexington, Kentucky and introduces listeners to RD1 Spirits. He chats with Co-Founder and Shareholder, Barry Brinegar.

Barry and Big Chief sit down in front of a live audience at Longhorn Liquor in Beaumont, Texas to discuss how RD1 Spirits got started and discuss the history of the name. They also sample five single barrels with the help of the audience and pick a barrel to be released at Longhorn Liquor locations across Southeast Texas.

They start the show with a dram of RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon and the Big Man gets a hint of Corn Pops on the nose from this one. They finish the first portion of the show with an RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon finished with French Oak that seems to tame the spice.

In the second half, Barry and Big Chief start with the RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon finished in Brazilian Amburana cask which the Big Man said was finished to perfection. They then move on to the RD1 Maple Finished Bourbon which is spiced dessert in a glass.

To finish the show Big Chief invites the audience to help him pick a barrel from five different expressions. A barrel strength Amburana finish won the day.

This ride on The Whiskey Trip gave 30 whiskey enthusiasts an experience they had never had in picking a barrel.