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The Bourbon Life

Jun 27, 2023

This week on The Whiskey Trip Podcast, Big Chief heads to Newport News, Virginia and visits with Owen King, co-founder, co-owner and Master Distiller of Ironclad Distillery. They chat about the historic naval battle between the two Ironclad Warships that would change the way ships were built and the fact that American sailors preferred drinking whiskey instead of rum.

Big Chief and Owen enjoy a blueberry mead cask finished bourbon and a bottled in bond bourbon for the first half. Then, for the second half the big man and Owen sip on a four grain Betrayal Rye that Owen kept hidden from his sister and father. They finish off the show with an amazing glass of The Old Kernel Straight Bourbon Whiskey made with Pungo Creek Mills heirloom Indian corn from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. This whiskey blows Big Chief’s palate out the the water just like one of the old ironclads.

This ride on The Whiskey Trip will have you hunting for a bottle from Ironclad once you hear Big Chief’s excitement.