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The Bourbon Life

Sep 26, 2023

This week on The Whiskey Trip Podcast, Big Chief chats with his friend, Lee Kennedy, who is the Founder and Master Distiller of Leiper’s Fork Distillery. This Episode is dedicated to Lee’s mother, Gayle Kennedy, who recently passed. Gayle loved Rye whiskey and Lee’s passion for this family distillery.

Big Chief and Lee talk about the start of Leiper’s Fork and how their whiskey has aged to gain a cult following. It’s easy to see why Gayle loved this charming distillery so. With its timber still house, 200-year-old dog trot cabin, and southern charm from the staff, the whiskey seems like an added bonus.

In the first half Big Chief and Lee start with a Tennessee whiskey single barrel which reminds the Big Man of hot honey tea in the winter. They then move to The Whiskey Trip Barrel Pick for Bourbon on the Banks. This wheated bourbon, which has notes of white chocolate, root-beer candy, and graham crackers, is one awesome pick with only 136 bottles. To finish off the show the guys sip on Gayle’s favorite - a Southern Rye single barrel.

This ride on The Whiskey Trip highlights the love and commitment a family has shown to making something truly special for others to enjoy. Take the ride out to Leiper’s Fork and leave with a piece of Americana.