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The Bourbon Life

Sep 19, 2023

This week on The Whiskey Trip Podcast , Big Chief travels north to Palestine, Texas to visit TahWahKaro Distilling Company.  He sits down with Master Distiller and Owner, Justin Jackson. They discuss how Justin had a life-changing experience and how he rose from the ashes.

Justin’s story is remarkable and at every turn he has faced obstacles, but he has overcome them all to make some unique whiskey with mash-bills that are different from any others the big man has experienced before. Listen in as Justin explains the history of his Distillery and the historic still he had the famous Vendome Company create using old Hershey Chocolate pots.

In the first half Big Chief and Justin start the show with the TAH Four Grain Bourbon and then move to the TAH Cask Strength Four Grain Bourbon. In the second half they start with the TAH Rye Malt Whiskey and then Justin treats the Big Man to a 5 1/2 year old Rye Malt Barrel Finished 4-grain Bourbon at cask strength. Oh my!

This ride on The Whiskey Trip shows how craft distilleries have to fight for everything to make it in the whiskey industry. Buy craft whiskey today and support your local distilleries.