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The Bourbon Life

Feb 16, 2024

In this Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast presented by Liquor Barn, Matt and Mark spend some time with the one and only Mike Rowe, Descendant (his title not ours) of Knobel Whiskey. You might recognize Mike from his wildly successful hit TV Show, Dirty Jobs, or his incredible Podcast, The Way I Heard It, or his Best-Selling book of the same name.

The guys talk with Mike about his background and growing up just outside of Baltimore, Maryland next door to his Pop, Carl Knobel, who had a huge influence on Mike and for whom the whiskey is named, his foray into the wonderful world of whiskey which was done originally as a fundraiser for his Foundation, mikeroweWORKS, but has grown into an incredibly successful brand featuring four different expressions (with a 5th in the works), as well as what the future of Knobel Whiskey looks like.

They also taste and review Knobel Tennessee Straight Rye, Knobel Tennessee Whiskey, Knobel Rickhosue Edition Straight Tennessee Whiskey, and Knobel Barrel Strength Tennessee Whiskey.   

This Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast is sponsored by Liquor Barn, Limestone Farms, Porch Kitchen & Bar, Bluegrass Distillers, The Stave Restaurant, Three Chord Bourbon, and District 7 Social.

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