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The Bourbon Life

Jan 28, 2022

In this Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast, Mark flies solo in The Bourbon Life Studios and gets to spend some time with the Luca Mariano Team from the Luca Mariano Distillery in Danville, Kentucky – Francesco Viola, Owner, Jennifer Brandt, Marketing Manager & Brand Representative, Kenny Fuller, Creative Director, and Antonio Freeman, Brand Ambassador.

He talks with the team about how each of them got involved in the Bourbon industry (including Francesco’s great story about distilling illegally for a few years in his own garage before discovering that it was illegal), the relationship that the brand has developed with Wilderness Trail to distil their products under their watchful eyes and the meticulous processes and beautiful packaging that they’ve developed for their Bourbons and Ryes, and the exciting news about the construction of their brand new Distillery and home in Danville, Kentucky.

He also tastes and reviews a Luca Mariano Single Barrel Rye, Luca Mariano Single Barrel Bourbon, and Luca Mariano Single Barrel Signature Bourbon with the team.

This Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast is presented by Tim Smith Spirits and sponsored by Country Smooth, The Stave Restaurant, Frey Ranch Distillery, Three Chord Bourbon, Spirits of French Lick, and Davidson Reserve.

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