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The Bourbon Life

Feb 19, 2021

We had a great guest lined up for the show this week but unfortunately due to the weather and power outages we weren't able to record with him. But we've rescheduled for a couple of weeks out and we can't wait for this one to air.

In the meantime we wanted to revisit one of our all-time favorite Episodes with Jackie Zykan, Master Taster with Old Forester. We know you'll enjoy this one.

In this Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast, Matt and Mark get to hang out with Jackie Zykan, Master Taster, of Old Forester.

The guys talk with Jackie about her 15-year history in the spirits industry and her rise through the ranks to become the Master Taster of one of the most iconic brands in whiskey, the incredible 150 year history of Old Forester, and the amazing Single Barrel program that she has helped to redefine at Old Forester.

And they also get to taste and review 5 different expressions from Old Forester with Jackie, including the 1910 Bourbon, three different batches of the soon to be released 150th Anniversary Bourbon, and a Barrel Strength Single Barrel Bourbon.

This Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast is sponsored by The Stave Restaurant in Millville, KY and Three Chord Bourbon. Check them out online at and