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The Bourbon Life

Jun 15, 2022

The Angels want to bring you back to The LEX this week, but we’re hopping on the The Bourbon Life bus to show you some nearby attractions just outside the city.

That’s right - we not only loot through Mark’s whiskey, we also take his keys.

You’re coming with us to visit our favorite distilleries and whiskey joints within half an hour of Lexington.

As tends to happen, Christi and Stacey decide to take a joyride an hour north to see just a few more distilleries.

Pours will be had along the way, including a Three Boy’s Distillery 6 year Single Barrel Bourbon, Glenn’s Creek OCD #5, Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Strength ‘Ouita’s First Edition', and Wildcat Willy’s Sweet Potato Moonshine to cap off the road trip.

Before the search party comes looking, though, we’ll head back for some bottle hunting at some of our haunts in Lexington.