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The Bourbon Life

May 25, 2022

This week the Angels are joined live in The Lex by Matt Ward (@bourbonjeeper)- National Brand Ambassador for Penelope Bourbon. 

Matt guides us through a flight of some of Penelope's flagship products: Penelope Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Barrel Strength Batch 10, as well as one of their latest creations: the Architect, and a mystery pour from an upcoming release.

He talks to us about the history of the brand, plans for the future, and provides words of wisdom for those looking to get involved in the bourbon industry.

This episode is full of sarcasm and motivational quotes. 

You can check out the online shop and view upcoming Penelope releases at:

Follow Penelope Bourbon on Instagram and Facebook: @Penelopebourbon 

Follow Matt on IG: @bourbonjeeper