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The Bourbon Life

Dec 18, 2020

In this Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast, Matt and Mark spend some time hanging out with Bill Wofford, Co-Owner and Distiller for Five Points Distilling, the maker of Lone Elm Whiskey in Forney, Texas.

The guys talk with Bill about how he and a group of college buddies decided about 10 years ago to start their own distillery, the challenges of distilling a 90% wheated whiskey, and the exciting future plans that they have for the Distillery.

And they also taste and review Five Points’ Lone Elm Small Batch Texas Straight Wheat Whiskey and their Lone Elm Single Barrel Texas Straight Wheat Whiskey.

This Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast is sponsored by The Stave Restaurant in Millville, KY and by Three Chord. Check them out online at and