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The Bourbon Life

Apr 10, 2020

In this Episode, Matt and Mark talk with Paul Pacult, founder and judging director of the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, best-selling author, and the man who Forbes magazine designated as "America's foremost spirits authority."

Matt and Mark discuss the Ultimate Spirits Challenge with Paul and how his competition is different than other spirits competitions. They also discuss Paul's past history and interaction with some of Bourbon's greatest Master Distillers. And finally, they talk about Paul's upcoming books and his role as Master Blender for Jacob's Pardon. 

And of course they share and review some great pours with Paul, including some Old Grand Dad 114, a Weller Full Proof Liquor Barn Store Pick, and a Knob Creek Rye Wine + Market Store Pick. 

You'll enjoy getting to hear some great stories from one of America's leading spirits authorities in the Episode and also get his expert opinion of the pours they enjoyed. 

This Episode is sponsored by our friends at The Stave Restaurant in Millville, Kentucky. Check them out on Instagram at @thestavekentucky, or order online at