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The Bourbon Life

Oct 9, 2020

In this Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast, Matt and Mark get to hang out and spend some time with Fred Noe, 7th Generation Master Distiller, and Freddie Noe, 8th Generation Distiller, of Jim Beam.

The guys talk with Fred & Freddie about how each of them made the decision to become involved in the family business, what it was like for each of them to work under the watchful eye of their own dad, the amazing 225-year history of Jim Beam, and what they each envision the future of Jim Beam to look like.  

And they also get to taste and review the 10-year old Basil Hayden’s Rye, the newly re-released Old Tub Bourbon, the Knob Creek 9-year old Bourbon, and Freddie’s newest special release, Little Book Ch. 4 – Lessons Honored.

This Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast is sponsored by The Stave Restaurant in Millville, KY and Pinhook Bourbon. Check them out online at and